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    (authorized by the National Health Institute)

    Physical Chemical Analysis:

  • Description and evaluation of physical characteristics
  • Qualitative identification test: instrumental/tlc /color /precipitation
  • Visible foreign particles in injections
  • Inspections and sampling
  • Count test of Sub-Visible Particles in Injections: USP – Method I and Method II
  • Dissolution test
  • High performance liquid chromatographic quantification.
  • UV – VIS Spectrophotometric quantification
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometric quantification
  • Infrared spectrophotometric quantification
  • Gravimetric quantification
  • Potentiometric quantification
  • Volumetric quantification
  • Disintegration test
  • Gas chromatographic quantification
  • Polarimetric quantification

    Microbiological Analysis:

  • Sterility tests
  • Microbial limit control tests
  • Antibiotic potency test

    Pharmacological and/or Toxicological:

  • Limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL)
       Sector Pharmaceutical, Medical
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